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Logged Off is a podcast about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being online.

In this podcast, you'll hear from Danika and Samantha about the many frustrations and virtues of being a visible and active presence on the internet. Every other week, people will get to listen in on conversations about anything from what strange YouTube channel, anime, or game we're currently obsessed with, to how we deal with being Logged On, for better or worse. Every other episode will have a special guest from somewhere on the web, so stay tuned!

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    11: Engage Me In Fisticuffs

    Danika and Samantha are BACK after a long, much needed hiatus. Distancing themselves even more from Online, they talk about what they've been doing instead, how they've learned to use the internet in better ways, and more!

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    10: I Have Takes, Therefore I Am

    Audio clipping warning We're BACK after a month-and-a-half-long break and in this episode we talk all about how much it sucks being on main Twitter right now. HIDE IN YOUR PRIVATE CAVE! Also ~ Q&A!

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    9: I Would Die For You, Super Sonico

    Episode 9 is our heaviest episode yet. We talk harassment, getting unexpected support online, private Twitter, Super Sonico, and more. CW for deep discussion about harassment.

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    8: WTF Is A Tube Adult?

    Soha E. joins us for episode 8 where we discuss therapy in relation to Twitter, awful sites we loved as kids, bad chat rooms, and more!

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    7: Daniquestions And Samswers

    In episode 7, Samantha and Danika are answering questions straight from Twitter. We talk about separating from irony, websites we miss, websites we want to destroy, our favorite flash games, and more!

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    6: Deadpool’s Kinda Wacky Like That

    Episode 6 takes us into the belly of the convention beast - Deadpool cosplayers, The Scent, Sans Undertale, drinking in haunted hallways, and more. We also talk about saline balls. Sorry.

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    5: Here Representing Big Gay

    In episode 5, we're joined by Will Wiesenfeld AKA BATHS to talk beach episodes, domestic superhero comics, human furniture, the loss of Vine, and more!

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    4: Never Upset About a Wife

    In episode 4, Samantha and Danika dive into shows like Master of None, Black Sails, and of course My Hero Academia. They also talk human/fictional character relationships, and more!

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    3: Super Sexts Brothers

    Internet wizard Victoria Holden (@sailorbee) joins us for a very action packed episode 3. We talk Omegle, Swapnote and Smash Brothers sexts, awkward work moments, staying offline, and more!

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    2: Cutting Off The Crust

    Episode 2 brings us through internet commitments, fandoms, real life conventions and meet-ups, the rabbit hole that is pregnant Elsa YouTube, and the Ambien subreddit.

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